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Definition /ˌdefəˈniSH(ə)n/

Welcom to Season of the Damned's Official Web Site

This is an Exploration into Music and Fiction, Myths and Magic's, Sounds and Words.

How music can shape and create stories where the fewest words that tell so much in songs can be turned into vast adventures and horror that only sound can meld.

Where stories can inspire the most powerful verses and form chilling melodies.

To tell the stories that only music can tell and books to explain.

May the vastness of the imagination set the only the limits that impose a need to reach them only to surpass them in grater ideas that inspire even more.

An open mind is all it takes to journey onto any path, to follow your curiosity, the need to know.


Season of the Damned

Season of the Damned

World Gone Dark


Still working on the web site!

Working on the music for songs right now and I have 104 songs writen lyricly so far to choose from.

Its slow going and hope to have some sound bites up soon.

Season of the Damned